Adventures into Adoption

Mustard seeds & Mountains

on October 9, 2015

“If you have faith as a mustard seed, you can move mountains!” Matt 17:20 This is the story of a boy & girl on an adventure to move mountains! My husband & I are going to adopt! From Latvia. It’s in Europe…I discovered! I’ve been to Bulgaria (also Europe!) but that didn’t seem like the right place.  Now, I should preface this with the fact that we have discussed 3 countries & every time thought we had decided. But Latvia is the one. I feel it in my heart. I wasn’t as excited about the other 2 countries as I am about this one. Is it the easy one? Nope…in fact it will be a challenge as this one requires possibly 3 trips! Is it the cheapest? Nope! It’s not Russia (Yikes!) but definitely not Hong Kong(Wow!)! This means we are bringing our mustard seeds to the only One who can pull this off. The One who called us to this adventure. This mountain is so big that without Him it will fail.

Besides the command in the Bible to be a father to the fatherless & help the widow & the orphan, we have already seen God’s hand move! It started in August when I was listening to an adoption webinar. What I was unaware of until that evening that my husband’s heart was being softened. God was changing him in ways that only He could. He wanted to adopt! He was scared but excited about it. This is a man who gave up the opportunity of spending a weekend with his favorite football team because it required an airplane! A WEEKEND PEOPLE!! Now, he is looking at spending a DAY on an airplane! Mountain #1:)


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