Adventures into Adoption

From Garden to Snow Globe

on October 22, 2015

Have you ever had moments where you knew God was trying to tell you something?   We have had so many little things happen to prove that He is in this adoption! Which is good because I can be hard-headed at times! Not that I didn’t want to adopt…just that it comes with a new adventure! Fears, hopes, trials.  I even love that aspect but I have to admit, our bio boys are at an age that they don’t require as much supervision as they use to. This gives more freedom. More comfort. More complacency. God doesn’t want us to ever get bored or “settled” in a spot. We should always be in a place where we need Him. If we are too comfortable & have given Him permission, He will shake us up. Like a snow globe! He loves those times when we realize who’s in charge here! It sure isn’t us! He created us to spend time with Him.  Since we are no longer in a garden, He’s just going to shake the snow globe:)


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