Adventures into Adoption

Vintage stove needs a home

on October 22, 2015

The stove in the picture is one of my most favorite things about our house. My hubby teases that that’s why we bought the house in the first place. (For someone who LOVES the 50’s it was a huge selling point;) But we have decided to sell our house in hopes of getting a 100 year old bigger one.  We love the beautiful woodwork & workmanship of those old houses. So I am left with the dilemma of leaving my stove…maybe the next buyer would love it as much, sell my stove…our realtor had the nerve to suggest that, or take it with us…it is very heavy but not very spacious. The space you see in the picture is not that far off from the actual space in the oven:) If we are going to expand the number of mouths in our nest, I have to let her go.

So…here is the link to her craigslist post. If she doesn’t sell I may just have to get another one! HEY! That’s what I can do! My hubby won’t care right??!!;)



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