Adventures into Adoption

Junk Drawer

on December 8, 2015

I am not good at asking for help. This is what my pastor’s wife calls the “junk drawer”.  Stuff God wants to help us deal with. My plan was to adopt without many people knowing about it until it was all done! But I can’t. God is showing me first to trust Him in ALL things. Don’t have a plan B…just trust. He is also showing me that there are people who genuinely want to help other people but can’t because we never know the need. One of the weaknesses of the church is trying to do it all ourselves. To look strong. Don’t show that you need anything. I know I am one of those people! I LOVE to help ANYBODY but don’t show my own need. Often I don’t even get the chance to help. Then when I find out there was a need but was not put out there, I get frustrated. So here I am putting our need out there all over Facebook, Twitter & the Internet:) (I didn’t sleep much that night) We need prayer. We need finances. But I trust God for both! Our family is so excited to have this opportunity to sow into lives of little people! Thank you for helping us do that! We truly, couldn’t do this without you!

Much Love & Blessing!!! The Ostwalds:)


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