Adventures into Adoption

Gingerbread Houses

on December 19, 2015

We started a tradition when the boys were pretty young, of making gingerbread houses. I don’t really care for gingerbread so we started with graham crackers:) This year I found CUTE houses that were already put together. That would have seriously come in handy a few years ago! At this point they are just lucky to get decorated as the boys act like they NEVER get candy. Yeah…not the case:) I am pretty sure we need a sugar detox but I JUST CAN’T DO IT CAPTAIN!!  I DON’T HAVE THE STRENGTH!!

But the houses are decorated. Cookies still aren’t made but they are in the works. Enjoyed some quality time making caramels with my aunt where she had bags & bags of party mix, covered pretzels, & a 10lb bag of sugar. Made me want to go home & snuggle in the warmth of my oven with warm cookies! Just need to make coffee & we’re good.

Speaking of caramels, this recipe is the one I use every year out of a family cookbook. This blogger has jazzed it up a little! Such an easy recipe!! (passing it on to Aunt Cheryl…mine is ALOT easier than hers!)

Soft Caramels Tutorial (regular, cinnamon and licorice recipe)

Everything about Christmas is all around me. Family, friends, making cookies/gingerbread houses together, memories and a little snow. I hope all of you have someone to share the season with. Jesus is always available:)


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